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Moonbeans (2015)

Attempting to find the meaning of what makes a home, Moonbeans explores travel, falling in and out of love, and personal transformation. "Palm Walk Destiny" begins the journey in Tempe, Arizona where the funk and brass roots begin a thread through the whole album. "Cherry" attempts to include all the swagger of Quentin Tarantino's heroine in Jackie Brown, and "Skylight" cools things off with delicate but quick pulsing jazz piano chords.

The instrumental intermission track "Grito," hits hard with swampy rhythms and hot, latin-inspired guitar riffs. Capping off the album, "Skylight Remix" transforms the original version of the song into a floating, pop and R&B flavored dreamland with deep layered vocal harmonies and breezy synths. This debut album serves as a sampler for everything Sonic Sprout hopes to revisit in a more sincere, profound future attempt.

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